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Author Topic: AccountLab Plus FAQ - Trouble? Problems? Read this first!  (Read 20086 times)
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« on: February 09, 2006, 04:57:09 PM »

Q: After installation, when going to the order page, I get a blank screen
A: Please add at least one category which is "visible" on the order page, also add at least one product.

Q: When I load admin.php, I get a "this server is not licensed" error
A: If you have a domain-based license, please check first if your domain is licensed:
(replace through your domain name)
A "1" means the domain name is licensed, a "0" means it is not.
- Make sure the installation runs on the very same domain/subdomain. If you have licensed "", ALP will not run on ""!
- Make sure that allow_url_fopen is set to "On" in your php.ini.
If the above does not help, make sure you do not run a pre-2.5 ALP version. If you have installed through Fantastico and it does install an older version, please contact your host and ask them to update Fantasico, then update ALP.

Q: How do I modify the standard template?
A: ALP comes with one simple template and 2 graphically intensive templates as an example. They are located at:
You can modify any of the existing templates. Just copy from
and modify it to your liking. The new template will be auto-recognized by ALP and will be offered as an option in admin -> settings -> configuration. The same is true for any completely new template you may add to
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